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You'll find no shortage of gyms and studios in Leicester all promising transformations. Quick, easy, and done for you.

But the fact is you don't get out of shape over night, and you wont get that perfect body with guesswork and fad programs either.

Let's be honest. It's FUN to get out of shape! You can eat what you like, and drink what you like. So, we believe it's only through enjoyment and balance that you'll be able to put things right.

We are Leicester's most caring and heart centred fitness facility, and we're here to give anyone who has plenty of common sense, and is willing to put in the work, back on a path to getting back in control and experience more than empty promises, but real success.

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Join up to HIIT Club, MEAN WODs and Coached PT sessions and learn to move with great technique and confidence. See surprising changes in your body and attitude. 

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sensible eating

Feel better without depriving yourself.

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cardiovascular work

Improve your health and endurance with our engaging Kinetics workouts.

transform with us

We believe that when you enjoy your workouts, take pleasure in every meal, and feel positive improvements then fitness becomes easy. Join us for the next 30 days and enjoy the freedom that only being active can offer.

'JOIN! Don't think you can do it alone. You need proper guidance and motivation' Gina Jackson from Leicester

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Get unlimited access

2 semi private pt sessions every week

Our semi-private coaching program includes fully tailored programming and exercise selection, movement assessment, expertise, feedback and progression.

2 group sessions every week

Optimise health, fitness and fat loss in this socially driven, group personal training program. Stay motivated and actually look forward to working out every week!

nutritional support

With Kinect your efforts pay off. Become more mindful about your calorie consumption, learn about nutrition and regain full control over your body shape and well being.

booking app

Manage our schedule and book your sessions at your convenience. Sessions run every hour in the evenings so you can join us at our handy central location after work.

membership site

Want to delve a little deeper? Join our membership site and learn how the body really works and what you have to do in order to lose and maintain 

no-risk guarantee

Our program is scientifically researched and proven to deliver uncommonly good  results. We\’re so confident that you can reach your goals we provide a 30 day money back guarantee with every Kinect membership.

take back control today!

We're been based in Leicester City Centre for 3 years having started out in a small 100 sq ft unit and successfully grown to a 1200 sq ft facility purposefully designed to deliver the most supportive, motivating and enjoyable transformation program in the Leicestershire community today.


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A totally new perspective on how good you can look and feel.